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We offer the entire gambit of real estate services to cover all your property needs, including the macro areas like buying or selling properties to micro details like legal, financial, construction-related services, interior design, and Vastu details and tips.

Residential and Commercial Properties - Buy, Sell and Lease

Looking for a new investment- home or office? We help you buy, sell or lease. Our experts will consider all the available options and shortlist the best ones for you that match your requirements. This includes projects of all sizes from small offices to larger corporates and consulates and from small flats to big lavish bungalows.

NRI Services – Buy, Sell, Lease and Property Management

We understand the uncertainties you might face being an NRI, and that you need assurance for your investments. With Ajmera Properties, you can feel secure about your investments being in capable hands. Our range of services includes everything, from facilitating the buying and/or selling residential and commercial properties to finding appropriate parties for the sale of ancestral properties. We promise to meet your expectations at every stage.

The opportunities in real estate have evolved to include far more attractive options other than just buying and selling. Our NRI Property Management Services include tenant management and communication, renovation and finances; we perform all tasks that give you maximum returns with minimum stress.

Investment Opportunities - New Projects and Pre-Leased Properties

We assist you with the fruitful investment opportunities including both new projects and pre-leased projects. Our experts research the lucrative options available in the market and present the best ones that match your investment goals.

Land and Plots - Buy and Sell

We specialize in land/plot investments with a variety of options for clients to choose from. We also help our esteemed clients understand the market and assist them in setting the right price for their properties.


Our team can help you get a suitable redeveloper or builder who can handle the redevelopment process with ease and simplicity, as per your proposal.

Legal Assistance

Our professionals assist you in getting in touch with legal experts for highly effective advisory services, right from title search to registration of sale and lease deeds of property. We offer counselling in legal matters and ensure smooth documentation until the property transactions are finalized. Our legal advisors are chosen after careful consideration and based on our experiences.

Research and Valuations

The real estate prices are known to fluctuate over time due to various reasons. Our team can provide you with a thorough understanding of the present markets to calculate the right valuations for your properties. We accomplish this accuracy through our research team, which works round the clock on technology-based data collection and analysis of property markets and factors affecting them.

Financial Advisory

While dealing with property finances, an individual or company may face challenges in selecting the best finance option. Our team reads the fine print of the agreement to advise you on the best finance options, taking into consideration important parameters such as credit history, eligibility, comparing EMI options and processing charges, minimal down payment, negotiating on interest rates, and any additional charges.

Our well-informed financial advisory team provides you with a wide range of multi-finance sources, such as leading banks, private institutions and private funding.

This enables our clients to enjoy single-point finance options such as:

Home Loans: Suitable for Home Buyers

Project Loans: Suitable for Builders and Construction Companies, etc.

Mortgage Loans: Suitable for Home Owners

Private Financing Institutions: Suitable for Large Enterprises

Business Loans: Suitable for Industrial Infrastructure

Private Funding: Suitable for Mid and Large-Sized Enterprises

Other Relevant Services

Architecture and Interiors: We can help you get in touch with best in class architects and designers for your new home or office or any property.

Vastu: We can help you find the best Vastu consultants for your new property.

Sub-contractors: We can provide you with contact details of important contractors like electricians, plumbers, etc.

Furniture: Our team can provide you a database of furniture/ lights shops in your area.

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